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Who are looking for AM350 / SUS633 / AMS5548 / ASTM A693 .
Choose TOKKIN 350, get earlier. We provide customized material within 8 weeks for you.
When you need foil material and material for trail in a hurry,
we try to provide our best possible lead time shortest one week with inventory.

Stock: Only 1 week to shipment after slit.
Custom made: 8 weeks production lead time.
Typical Minimum order quantity for customizing products is 100kgs.

For less than 100kgs, get free quotation here.

When you absolutely need materials in a hurry,please ask us available stock.

We'll send you our Inventory List regularly
if your email address has been resistered.

Please click here to resister your email address.

Our product is made based on AMS5548 specification, equivalent to AM 350 and other materials, so you can use TOKKIN 350 instead of current material.

Japan Quality

Please click here to get the introduction of TOKKIN 350.

TOKKIN 350 has been used in 5 countries.
Quotations and Orders available in 4 languages.

Be used in 5 countries based in Asia, Europe, North America.
Excellent feedback on quality and lead time.

You can send your inquires in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Both air flight and sea shipments are available as you require.

We'll take the responsibility on shipping to your country according to your requirement.

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