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Green Procurement & SDS

Green Procurement 

To manage environmentally harmful substances, we have stipulated a list of prohibited chemical substances, and check that they are not contained in the materials and sub-materials we purchase.In April 2017, we added these prohibited substances to our List of prohibited substances (Rev.3).

These changes were made in order to reflect revisions to national and international law (Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, RoHS2.0, REACH, Conflict Minerals etc.) and to add information regarding frequently requested substances.


For customers who use TOKKIN's materials, please obtain the Safety Data sheets (SDSs, PDF files) by the following methods.Material safety data sheets are available for the majority of materials we supply.

  1. Contact a sales representative
  2. Call us and make sure that you have TOKKIN's inspection certificates on hand
  3. Please complete the inquiry form. Make sure to include the following information requested.
    【Required Fields】 Lot numbers, Steel grades, Dimensions

Steels and Cabon Steels

Stainless steels

ICP data, parameter sheet for exporting are also available. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We welcome your questions and inquiries regarding materials.