2. Understand TOKKIN in a Minute

Understand TOKKIN in a Minute


TOKKIN's materials are everywhere around you, even though you can't see them!

TOKKIN is a precision metal materials manufacturer founded in 1940.
We produce high-quality, high-value-added materials according to the each customer specifications, such as processing metals into thin strips or sheets by cold rolling to improve mechanical properties, cladding different materials to form a single material, and applying resin or solder to metal surfaces.
Our materials are used in a wide range of products, from daily life gadgets such as smart devices, PCs, automobiles, and game consoles to industrial equipment such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, and textile machinery.
Although our material is mostly invisible, it plays an indispensable role in ensuring that the products and their supporting components function well.
High-functional materials, made possible only by TOKKIN, support the technologies that are created one after another behind the scenes.


Solutions with our custom-made materials

TOKKIN's custom-made materials meet your requirements and solve the issues.
We provide made-to-order materials with small lots and short lead time.

Over 50,000 custom-made specifications

We continue to meet our customers' difficult requirements and has manufacutured over 50,000 types of custom-made products.
We respond to customer requests in detail with our know-how cultivated and unique technology over many years.

Prototypes order available in a single postcard size

We provide flexible and prompt customer support for prototype orders. As long as we have stock, you can order even postcard size.
Our flexible development and manufacturing system allows us to meet your specifications from the prototype stage.
Notice: Quantity and delivery time will vary depending on the desired specifications, please confirm with us by requesting a quote.

MOQ for mass production is 100 kg

MOQ for mass production is 100 kg. If the required thickness is less than 0.050 mm, we may provide 50 kg or less.
We supply small lots even with made-to-order production, contributing to customers' inventory risk and total cost reduction."

Over 21 kinds of testing equipment

We own equipments for OQC and for basic investigations such as fatigue testing and SEM.
Our proposal which is backed by data enables our customers to improve the quality and solve the problems."

Raw materials from all over the world

TOKKIN is not affiliated with a major steel mills, insists on sourcing the best raw materials from around the world to achieve superior quality.


Creating new material properties with customers

Do you have a material with these properties?

I would like to solve this problem...

Inquiries to us usually start with a conversation like this.
TOKKIN not only recommend suitable materials from existing products, but also maufacuture better materials together with customers.

That's why we carefully listen to our customers' requests and issues, and repeatedly conduct trial runs to find solutions.
The following are some of the proprietary, high-performance, high-value-added materials we have developed to date.


Proposals that lead to overall optimization

TOKKIN owns many instruments and know-how necessary for the analysis of metal materials.
We believe that by making adjustments based on analytical data, we can propose better materials to solve problems.

Also, we consider our customers' manufacturing process, yield rate improvement, and efficiency, which enable an overall optimization of customer's production.
Please contact us if you have any problems regarding metal materials, we will be happy to help you.

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We welcome your questions and inquiries regarding materials.