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Corporate Philosophy


We provide high-functional materials to the world with our outstanding manufacturing techniques.


We are committed to making your technology dreams come true.
~ Make everything more "interesting" ~

We do not pursue corporate size or sales scale.
Our goal is to be an active team that realizes the potential of technologies that are emerging one after another through advanced manufacturing techniques, high value-added services, and precision materials.

For our customers, for our suppliers, and above all, for ourselves,
we always challenge, create new work and businesses and make them interesting.


TOKKIN creates the best earnestly.

We consider our company as a professional sports team.
One excellent player does not make a team strong.
Each individual must be a good player and work together to create real value.

TOKKIN keeps promises.

We keep our promises to the company, employees, and customers, no matter how small. With a corporate culture of keeping promises, we continue to build TOKKIN's history.

TOKKIN takes actions right away.

We are sensitive to the speed demanded by the market, and boldly take on challenges without fear of failure.

TOKKIN thinks freely and innovatively.

We are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas, free from past norms.
We have a corporate culture of "A nail that sticks out is never hammered down."

TOKKIN develops human resources.

We develop our business by identifying people's strengths, developing each person's capabilities and leveraging their strengths.
We aim to be a company where everyone can play a leading role.

We welcome your questions and inquiries regarding materials.