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Message from CEO

代表取締役 兼 CEO 谷口 毅

Believing in the infinite possibilities of metal materials, TOKKIN continues to take on challenges to help customers the winners of the market.

Since our founding in 1940, TOKKIN has helped customers realize their technology dreams while adapting to changes in economic conditions and technological evolution. In order for our customers to be market winners, we have been constantly refining our technology, creating value, and providing various kinds of custom-made metal materials according to customer requirements.

  • We have never allowed compromises from materials to equipment, with believing in the infinite possibilities of metal materials.
  • We have continued to challenge ourselves every day to make our customers the winners of the market.
  • We have turned around and found that there were irreplaceable friends there, when we were about to give up on the limit.
  • We have supported protecting people's lives and enriching people's lives by providing various types of metal materials.

These are our joy as well as our raison d'être, why we continue to take on challenges.

Advancement of technology, such as the progress of digitalization, the domain expansion of the electronic device, and the transition to a sustainable society, has given us many chances to challenge ourselves in a wider range of industries and global markets. We will continue to strive to create something more amazing, and special customer value for future possibilities, and aim to be an excellent company that will continue for 100 years.

Tsuyoshi Taniguchi
Representative Director & CEO

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