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SPCC | Low Carbon Steel

Overview & Features

SPCC is a steel grade specified in JIS G 3141 "Cold Rolled Steel Sheet and Strip," and is also called "Commom Steel" because it is an extremely low carbon steel.
Its low Carbon content makes it easy to process, and also suitable for drawing with soft finish. We provide Based on our abundant experience and technology cultivated through the production of cold rolled carbon steel strip, we can also manufacture thin strips with thicknesses of under 0.40 mm, foil with thicknesses of under 0.099 mm, and annealed finish (A condition) to full hardened finish (1B or 1D condition) in small lots, which are rarely available in the market.
Because of these characteristics, many of our materials are used for watches, cameras, office equipments, electric appliances, automobiles, and other special precision machineries.

Examples of Applications

Watch Parts, Washers・Shims, Lead frames, Steering Parts, Thermal Protectors, Connectors, Camera Parts, Camera Module, Oil Rings

Supported Shapes

Supported Range (COIL,SHEET)






COIL or SHEET less than 2000mm

This is the manufacturing range of coils and sheets we manufacture.

Unless otherwise specified, we manufacture in accordance with JIS standards.


SPCC (G3141)

JIS standards and reference value of TOKKIN's chemical composition are shown in the table below.

The following values are typical values for low carbon steel(Fe-0.06C).


7.87 g/cm³

Specific Heat

481 J/(kg・K)

Electrical Resistivity

13 μΩ・cm

Young's Modulus

206 GPa

Thermal Expansion


Thermal Conductivity

73.3 W/(m・K)



The table below shows each mechanical properties.
Table 1 Mechanical Properties
Table 2 Surface Finish
Table 3 Elongation at Temper A and S

The table below shows erichsen or bending test.
Table 4 Erichsen Value at Temper A and S
Table 5 Bending test

High-precision thickness materials

We produce wide range of thicknesses from 0.010 to 2.00 mm with precise thickness tolerances that cannot be manufactured by JIS or other companies. We guarantee high-precision thickness with little variation over the entire length of the hoop.

[Technology] Dimensional Tolerance

Various dimensional tolerances of the products we manufacture.


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