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Edge treatment (Round edge, Debarred edge)

Main Applications

Springs, Quartz crystal unit, Cutlery, Blades, Knitting needles, Tape measures, Coil springs, Pen clips, Springs for slide doors,

Product size range

Kinds of edge

 Product size range

Debarred edge

 Thickness : 0.10~1.0mm

 Width : 5.00~70.0mm

Round edge

(Round, Angle)

 Thickness : 0.15~1.5mm

 Width : 8.0~40.0mm

Product overview and Futures    Tokkin Advantages    Kinds of the product's edge

Product overview and Futures

Usually, the products are provided with “Slitted edge”, but we have more variable processing for the edges required, such as “Deburred edge” or “Rounded edge” are also available.

If the products are “Deburred edge” or “Rounded edge”, then you can use the metals without deburring process.

Besides, the edge processing will prevent the metal fatigue from the cross direction, and also will improve spring durability.


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Tokkin Advantages

 We can process various metals.

For example, Carbon steel strips, Stainless steel strips, Nonferrous metal strips.


 Flexible, small-lot production.

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Kinds of the product's edge

There are 5 kinds of processing for the product's edge.

Kinds of edge


a) Mill edge 

Edge condition after rolling 

b)   Slit edge 

Edge condition after slit-off

c)   Deberred edge

Edge condition after slit-off and removing burr

d)   Round edge

Edge condition after slit-off and round processing

e)   Angle edge

Edge condition after slit-off and angle processing


 *If there are special requirementa for edge processing, please do not hesitate to provide details.


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