Stainless Steels Foils (Under t0.10mm)

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Stainless Steels Foils (Under t0.10mm)

Overview & Features

With the evolution of smart devices such as smartphones and the computerization of automobiles, the number of electronic components installed in a device has been increasing and the parts inside of the device has become closely spaced. As a result, they have become smaller and lighter, and the metal materials of them are now required to be thinner and stronger.
We offer not only thin stainless steel foils, but also propose the appropriate steel grade and temper depending on specific application and use requirements, such as strength, workablility, magnetism, and corrosion resistance.

Main features of our stainless foils:

(1)Selectable Steel Grades and Tempers
In addition to hard materials such as SUS304-H, we also produce 2B finish (soft material) and steel types and tempers that are not available in the market..
We contribute to solving our customers' problems.

(2)Small Lots Custom Made Materials
We can produce custom made materials in small lots.(Allowarable range: thickness under 0.010mm, quantity under 50kg)
You will be able to reduce inventory risk.

(3)Available for Very Small Lots and Short Delivery Times for Samples
For Sample Materials for initial prototyping, we will provide a single postcard size sheet with a short lead time if we have material in stock.
We contribute to our customer's development speed.
Please dowlnload data sheet for more details.

Examples of Applications

Razor Blade Guard, Electrostatic Chuck, Washer/Shim, Micropump, Heater (Surface Heating Element)), Tact Switches/Membrane Switches, Camera components, Antennas, FPC,

Supported Shapes

Please refer to this page for manufactured material grade.

Supported Range (COIL,SHEET)






COIL or SHEET less than 2000mm

Please refer to this page for Dimensional Tolerance.

Manufacturability varies depending on temper, product width, and finish.
The thinner or softer the sheet is, the more difficult it is to handle and the more likely it is to break or wrinkle. Please be careful when using thin sheets or soft materials.

The table below shows examples of our specifications for the thinnest sheet thickness for each steel grade. Please consult us first if you have any requests.

Surface finishes such as bright, dull, and semi-bright (semi-dull) skin is also available.
Please refer to the image below for the degree of surface reflection in each finish.

We also offer very small lots (1 meter increments) for prototyping and cut samples (postcard size to A4 size).
*Please confirm the specifications of the samples we can provide on a case-by-case basis.

We also accept small-lot orders for prototypes, even with special specifications to meet customer requirements.

For sample requests, please feel free to contact us through our request quotation Form.

Stainless Steels

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron (Fe) with at least 10.5% chromium (Cr) and is used in a wide range of applications because it has good properties in terms of corrosion resistance, strength, workability, and heat resistance.


Electrolytic plating on hoop materials (coils and strips) prior to stamping is also available.

[Technology] Dimensional Tolerance

Various dimensional tolerances of the products we manufacture.


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