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High Performance Metal Materials

High Carbon Steel & Stainless Steels for Blades (TE-2, SK4, SK5, RB-S, SUS420J2)

These steels are suited for use in blades such as razors and utility knives, and can acquire high hardness when quenched.


Maraging Steels (MAS-1)

MAS-1 is a typical ultra-high-strength steel that provides toughness and is also capable of acquiring strength of over 1,960 N/mm2 through age hardening.


Metal Foils (Thickness ~0.10mm :SK, SUS, SPCC, Non-ferrous)

We also manufacture metal foils (products less than thickness of 0.10 mm) using materials such as SK, SPCC, and non-ferrous metals in addition to stainless steel. Our metal foils are custom-made, and can be manufactured in small lots to meet short delivery times. We also provide a large range of samples for prototypes.


Nickel, Cobalt, and Titanium Alloys

We supply small lots of nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys that have properties such as high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low expansion, and high strength.


Resistance Alloys (Electric resistance & heating alloys)

We make resistance alloys (including CN10, CN15, CN30, CN49, Evanohm® R, Manganin®, and ZERANIN® 30) in small lots. Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR,) conductor resistance, and high-precision thickness guaranteed. We supply high quality materials.


TOKKIN™ 350│Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel for Bellows

TOKKIN™ 350 (Equivalency AM350, UNS S35000, SUS633, AMS 5548, ASTM A693, MILS 8840)

TOKKIN™ 350 is a precipitation hardening stainless steel with excellent yield strength and cyclic fatigue strength. Compared to other stainless steels, it has better weldability, corrosion resistance, and oxidation-resistant properties.




Ultrafine Grained Metal Materials

Ultrafine-grained metal materials are metal materials with an average grain size of around 1 μm. They offer a variety of improved characteristics such as strength, fatigue properties, and workability.