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Why our customers choose us

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Why our customers love doing business with us

1.Special specs, Custom-made metals & foils

At Tokkin, based on our diverse and proven track record of over 50,000 products, we use proprietary technologies and facilities developed in house to meet the needs of our customers.

We create custom-made products that reflect your requirements in terms of thickness, hardness, crystal granularity, and other characteristics.


High performance metals:

◆Metal foils (Special steels, Stainless steels, Non-ferrous alloys, etc.)

◆Electrical resistance alloys (Ni-Cr alloys, Cu-Ni alloys, Cu-Mn alloys, etc.)

◆High alloys (Nickel alloys, Cobalt alloys, Titanium alloys)

◆Precipitation hardening stainless steels for bellows (TOKKIN™ 350)

◆Ultra fine grained metal (Ultrafine grain metal materials with grain size of 1 μm)

◆High functional materials (Clad metals, Pre-coated metals, Molten solder plating metals, Multigage metals etc.)


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2. Global supply- chain

Our global supply chain can provide you with raw materials and introduce you to our manufacturing centers and sales locations to suit your needs.


Base Metals

We can procure raw materials both locally and internationally for any type of steel or non-ferrous metal.

Balancing quality, cost, and delivery time frame, we will help you select the ideal raw material for your needs.


Works & Sales Offices

To respond to the constantly evolving market, we established manufacturing centers in Taiwan in 1988, in Shanghai, in 1998, and a second site in Shanghai in 2007. Under the slogan, "All Tokkin Standard," we manufacture products of the same quality at all our sites.

We opened a sales office in Hong Kong in 2012, and through our sites in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, and our distributors, help customers from around the world to procure materials of Japanese quality.


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3.Small quantities, Quick Delivery

If we have the product you need in stock, we can ship it in a few days in lots as small as 1 kg.

We can manufacture custom-made products in lots of 300 kg or larger (lots of 50 kg or larger also possible depending on the material) in four weeks.

We provide you with special spec materials to suit your needs in small lots with short delivery times.


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4.High-precision thickness

We guarantee severe thickness tolerances to help you improve quality and reduce processes. 


Thickness tolerance example:

  ◆Thickness of less than 0.30 mm: Tolerance ±1 to 3 μm possible

  ◆Thickness of 0.30 mm and over: Tolerance ±1% possible

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5.Multiple features

We not only manufacture single metal materials, but also manufacture single metals with additional functions like those below.

No other manufacturers are capable of making products that combine multiple functions from a diverse range of options.


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6.Metal structure control

We can control metal structure using the cold rolling and heat treatment technologies that we have developed over the years to suit your application and requirements.

These technologies provide a range of advantages including improved hardenability, wear resistance, workability, and strength; reduced surface roughness due to bending and drawing; and prevention of sheared surface chipping.


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7.Lower total cost

We offer products that help you reduce total cost by considering downstream processes.


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