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Solutions (C: Cost)

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 ■ Reduce costs by eliminating aftercoating



From an automaker’s parts procurement section:

The per unit cost of applying aftercoat is expensive. Is there some way of making it cheaper?


Reduce overall costs by switching from an aftercoat to a precoat (OVIONE™ Coat).



 ■ Reduce costs by eliminating part plating





From a press manufacturer’s cost reduction group:

Nickel plating parts is expensive. There is variation in plating. Is there something we can do to solve these problems?





Costs reduced to less than those of the part plating process by switching to Ni/SUS/Ni clad metals. Quality has also been improved because there is now no variation in plating.


 ■ Reduce costs by eliminating the hassle of the polishing process


From a fine press manufacturer’s procurement department:

We polish products to control thickness and improve surface condition, but it’s an expensive and time-consuming process. Can we make it easier and cheaper?


Polishing process eliminated by switching to high-precision-thickness metal materials, helping to reduce overall costs.



 ■ Reduce costs on phosphor bronze frame material


From a frame manufacturer’s materials department:

The price of copper fluctuates so much… We’d like to use a more stable material. It would be good if we could replace it with something cheaper at the same time.


Costs reduced by switching phosphor bronze to heat-treated JIS SPCC steel.


 ■ Reduce costs on 42 Alloy frame material


From a capacitor manufacturer’s materials department:

The price of nickel is volatile, and we’d like to reduce the cost of 42 Alloy. If possible, we’d like to use a material that isn’t so susceptible to price fluctuations.



Costs reduced by switching 42 Alloy to TDS-1 (magnetic stainless steel).


 ■ Reduce costs by changing magnetic shield material


From an HDD manufacturer’s design and development department:

We’d like to use magnetic shielding to avoid noise. Is there a cheap material we could use?


TDS-1 magnetic stainless steel is cheap thanks to its low nickel content, and has good corrosion resistance, which eliminates the need for post-process plating. Costs reduced by switching from permalloy and plated products.

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