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Green Procurement & SDS

To manage environmentally harmful substances, we have stipulated a list of prohibited chemical substances, and check that prohibited substances are not contained in the materials and indirect materials we purchase.

In April 2017, we added these prohibited substances to our List of prohibited substances (Rev.3). These changes were made in order to reflect revisions to national and international law (Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, RoHS2.0, REACH, Conflict Minerals etc.) and to add information regarding frequently requested substances.


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> Prohibited Chemical Substance List (Rev. 3): English version



Material safety data sheets (SDSs) are provided to all customers who purchase a Tokkin product.

You can receive your SDS by:

 (1) Asking a sales representative.

 (2) Phoning us. (Please have your Tokkin mill test certificate on hand before dialing.)

 (3) Please complete the inquiry form, making sure to include the following required information:

     Control number, steel grade, dimensions


Materials for which SDSs are available

Material safety data sheets are available for the majority of materials we supply.


We are also happy to provide ICP data, parameter sheets, and similar information. Contact us for details.