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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To ensure that we can play a useful role in making the dreams of technology come true, we will insist on the following five values as we strive to continuously improve QCD and provide the world with fascinating integrated functional materials and services.



Our Five Values

• We value dedication to high quality in our products
  We are all outstanding individual players, but work together to create high quality products.


• We value sincerity to our customers, suppliers, and employees
  We will continue to keep our promises—no matter how small.


• We value immediate action
  We will be sensitive to the speed that the market demands, and will enthusiastically take on new challenges without fear of failure.


• We value innovative thinking
  We will think outside the box and produce one innovative idea after another.


• We value personal development of our employees
  We will develop our business by identifying people's strong points, developing their individual abilities, and leveraging their strengths.


  Several members of the Tokkin Group have received ISO 9001:2008 certification, the international standard for quality management systems.


  Certified Organizations:
Japan: Head office, Saitama Factory, Osaka Office, Nagano Office
Overseas: Taiwan Tokkin Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tokkin Co., Ltd.