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Occupational Health & Safety Policy

- Basic Policy

As a manufacturer of integrated functional materials, Tokkin recognizes occupational health and safety as one of the highest priority issues shared by all employees, and promotes the creation of safe and healthy workplaces.



- Basic Guidelines

1. The main risks at our Saitama Factory stem from the relationships between people and equipment, and people and products (materials). In recognition of these circumstances, we will pay due care to workplace environments and psychological care on a day-to-day basis, and will promote ongoing risk-reduction activities. These initiatives are aimed at achieving zero workplace accidents, and will focus particularly on the prevention of accidents involving entanglement and incised wounds (cuts).


2. To prevent injury and illness in all personnel who work at our Saitama Factory, we will strive to ensure the health and safety of all workers by striving to continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system.


3. We will comply with laws relating to occupational health and safety, and will uphold agreements entered into by our offices and factories.


4. To effectively achieve this policy, we will set occupational health and safety goals, and will formulate and implement specific plans, and regularly review them.


5. This policy will be communicated to all those working at the Saitama Factory and will also be disclosed to the general public.