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Environmental Policy

- Basic Policy

As a manufacturer of integrated functional materials, the Tokkin Group fulfills its social responsibility as a corporate citizen by supplying products with a reputation for quality and environmentally friendliness, and by valuing the environment in our production activities.


- Basic Guidelines

  1. We will work together as a company to understand the impact we have on the environment and define objectives toward reducing our environmental impact, and will carry out activities on an ongoing basis.


  2. We will observe environmental laws and regulations and other requirements, and will work to maintain and improve the environment.


  3. We will manufacture products that consider environmental impact by carefully managing the chemicals contained in our products and indirect materials.


  4. We will strive to reduce our environmental impact by reducing energy use in production processes and carefully managing chemicals.


  5. We will promote recycling activities and reduce industrial waste output to protect natural resources.


  Our Saitama Factory has received ISO 14001:2004 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems.


  Certified Organizations
Japan: Saitama Factory
Overseas: Shanghai Tokkin Co., Ltd., Taiwan Tokkin Co., Ltd.