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Occupational Safety and Health Policy

As a manufacturer of integrated functional materials, Tokkin recognizes occupational health and safety as one of the highest priority issues shared by all employees, and promotes the creation of safe and healthy workplaces.

  1.  TOKKIN understands that the main risks at Saitama factory are caused by the way of involvement between "people and equipment" and "people and products (materials)," We aim to achieve zero accidents by focusing on preventing inuries caused by "Beeing caught in the machine" and "Cut by machine." We pay sufficient attention to the work environment and mental health care on a daily basis and promote continuous risk reduction activities.
  2. We keep improving our Occupational Health and Safety Management System to make sure all employees working at Saitama factory are safeguarded.
  3. We comply with the applicable laws and regulations of Occupational Health and Safety and keep the commitments agreed to by Saitama factory.
  4. To effectively achieve this policy, we set Occupational Health and Safety goals, formulate and implement specific plans, and conduct periodic reviews.
  5. This policy shall be made known to all employees of Saitama factory and disclosed to the general public.

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