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Our Mission

We are to contribute the advancement of the world by producing integrated functional materials with our superior technology.


  Tsuyoshi Taniguchi    

Our Vision 

Our vision is to make the dreams of technology true
with delight and for pleasure.



Our Five Values

 We value dedication to high quality in our products.

We are all outstanding individual players, but work together to create high quality products.

 We value sincerity to our customers, suppliers, and employees. 

We will continue to keep our promises—no matter how small.

 We value immediate action .

We will be sensitive to the speed that the market demands, and will enthusiastically take on new challenges without fear of failure.


 We value innovative thinking. 

We will think outside the box and produce one innovative idea after another. 

 We value personal development of our employees. 

We will develop our business by identifying people's strong points, developing their individual abilities, and leveraging their strengths.


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