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Group history


1919 Founder, Chikashi Taniguchi, started working at Tokyo Kizai Kogyo office. (present Takasago Tekko K.K Co., Ltd,)
Hinted from rolling mill made in U.S.A, Taniguchi designed and manufactured advanced rolling mills with his own innovative ideas.
1930 Participated in the foundation of Tokyo Shintetu office. (present Nippon Kinzoku Co., Ltd.)
1940 Established Tokushu Kinzoku Rolling Office in Itabashi (Maeno-cho Itabashi, former head office).
Established No.1 reputation for high- quality special precision steels for springs.
1952 Started Cold Rolling production of Stainless steel.
1956 Built up 10μm- thick cold rolling production technology.
1968 Provided Hankook Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. with cold rolling technical assistance.
1970's Gained top share in razor blades exporting market.
Carved out a strong market position as a metal foil maker for camera shutter market.
1980 Sony Walkman was on sale(1979).
Gained top share in supplying with material for headphone headband.
Achieved highest- level fatigue resistance of stainless springs used for automobile seatbelts.
1981 Started to develop a new material metal hub of 3.5- inch floppy disc.
1982 Established Tokushu Kinzoku Kogyo. (present Tokushu Kinzoku Saitama factory)
Started the operation of the world’s first Z-High style rolling mill inserted with 18 rolls.
1985 The Golden age for VTR. Acquired a big share in suppression spring of VTR cassettes.
1987 Started to develop a new material “FS-1” for metal hub to cooperate with former Nippon Stainless.
Achieved top share of metal hub market.
1988 Started operation in Taiwan Tokkin Co., Ltd.
Achieved the best- five manufacturing maker in the material for measures of the world.
1990 Started to develop and sell composite materials by using clad bonding techniques.
1992 Distributed test samples of OVIONE™, a material coated with function resin.
1995 Retired from Migakishinko Association to aim to be a precision material maker from a cold rolling one.
1998 Started operation in Shanghai Tokkin Co., Ltd.
1999 Organized Composite Materials Department consists of Clad, Solder and Coating businesses.
Acquired ISO 9002 certification in all domestic offices and plants.
2004 Started Tokkin Innovation Activity with guidance of Toyota Production System instructed by OJTSolution Co.,Ltd.

Set up Delivery Center. Started Tokkin’s KAIZEN proposal system, “Imaginative & Original”.
Started the 2nd construction project in Shanghai Tokkin.
Acquired ISO 14000 certification in Saitama Factory.

2007 Finished the 2nd construction project in Shanghai Tokkin. Began to install a new rolling mill, a bright annealing furnaces & bell furnaces. Founded Shanghai Xiyin Composite Material Co., Ltd.
Started the 7th stage in Tokkin Innovation Activity.

Merged Tokushu Kinzoku Kogyo and Tokushu Kinzoku Excel into Tokushu Kinzoku Excel Co., Ltd.

Acquired OHSAS 18001 certification in Saitama Factory.

2009 Started the specialty Internet shopping site of Stainless steel foil.

Yoshito Taniguchi was inaugurated as the chairman. Tsuyoshi Taniguchi was inaugurated as the president.The capital was reduced to 300 million yen.


Changed the accounting period from March to December.

W4-4 rolling mill was renewed.

Established Hong Kong Tokush Kinzonku Excel Co.,Ltd.

2013 Dec.Canceled  OHSAS18001, to continue working as a self-management.
2017 "Tokushu Kinzoku Excel Co., Ltd." was renamed to "TOKKIN HOLDINGS Corp.", established new "Tokushu Kinzoku Excel Co., Ltd." by the incorporation-type company split.

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