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Reduce costs by changing magnetic shield material



From an HDD manufacturer's design and development department:

We'd like to use magnetic shielding to avoid noise. Is there a cheap material we could use?




TDS-1 magnetic stainless steel is cheap thanks to its low nickel content, and has good corrosion resistance, which eliminates the need for post-process plating. Costs reduced by switching from permalloy and plated products.

【Before】 Permalloy, SPCC + Plating, SUY + Plating

【After】 TDS-1 


 ■ Reduce costs (Because TDS-1 contains only 1% of Ni.)

 ■ Unnecessary plating by corrosion resistance improvement

 ■ Lower size (Because TDS-1 has high strength, it can be reduced the thickness)


TDS-1 is slightly different from other material in a magnetic characters. 




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