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Reduce costs on 42 Alloy frame material




From a capacitor manufacturer's materials department:

The price of nickel is volatile, and we'd like to reduce the cost of 42 Alloy. If possible, we'd like to use a material that isn't so susceptible to price fluctuations.




Costs reduced by switching 42 Alloy to TDS-1 (magnetic stainless steel).

【Before】 42Ni(Alloy 42)

【After】 TDS-1 ※The Electrical Resistivity of TDS-1 is equal to 42 nickel.


 ■ Reduce costs (Because TDS-1 contains only 1% of Ni.)

 ■ Lower size (Because TDS-1 has high strength, it can be reduced the thickness)


TDS-1 is slightly different from 42 nickel in a thermal conductivity. 


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