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Reduce costs by eliminating part plating



From a press manufacturer's cost reduction group:

Nickel plating parts is expensive. There is variation in plating. Is there something we can do to solve these problems?



Costs reduced to less than those of the part plating process by switching to Ni/SUS/Ni clad metals. Quality has also been improved because there is now no variation in plating.

【Before】 Metal material => Press working => After plating => Products

【After】 Ni/SUS/Ni clad metal material => Press working => Products


 ■ Lower total cost

 ■ Reducing of manufacturing time

 ■ Reducing of outsourcing control and costs

 ■ Uniform thickness(Nickel clad layer)

 ■ Strong adhesion

       (Ni clad metal can be proccessed easily, because of the soft Ni surface.)



The edge and the press section are not nickel coated.

  • Depending on a thickness, there is no reduction effect. 


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