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Is stainless steel magnetic?

Some stainless steels are magnetic, but others are not.

This depends on the type of stainless steel.


It is said that cheap stainless steels stick to a magnet.

People have this image because non-magnetic stainless steel is austenitic stainless steels containing expensive Ni.

*The price of stainless steel is decided not only by its component, so please be aware that in making a plan.


Ferritic stainless steels typified by SUS430 are magnetic.

Our company have SUS430、FS-1*、TDS-1*.

TDS-1 is used for magnetic shielding, cores etc. as an electro- magnetic stainless steel.

*They are our original steel types.


Austenitic stainless steels typified by SUS304 are generally nonmagnetic.

However, SUS301 and SUS304 are transformed to magnetic state because of structural transformation caused by cold working. So, you need to be aware that in processing.


Oppositely, as for SUS305, SUS316L, SUS310S, etc., Structural transformation is not likely to happen. So, they maintain non-magnetic state even after processing.

(It differs in degree depending on the type of steel, please contact us for further information.)



When you need non-magnetic stainless steel, we recommend you austenitic stainless steels.

However, depending on strength, application and processing way, you need to select the most appropriate type of stainless steel.

When you have any questions in selecting type of steels, feel free to contact us.

*We recommend you the most appropriate steel type even from other than our product lineup depending on your required quality, budget, etc.


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